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Do It Yourself

Junkery Bags

Junkery Bags are the perfect alternative to a clunky dumpster rental. Fill the bag with your junk on your own schedule. Once it is ready to go, give us a call and we’ll show up in our spiffy Junkery truck to take it away. The best part is, the disposal is included in the price – simple as that!



Junk Removal

It is hard to focus on the task at hand when you’re surrounded by junk. You don’t have time to move it yourself and the clutter really affects your productivity. Junkery’s Full-Service Junk Removal team operates with ninja-like stealthiness while lifting and loading, allowing you to continue on with your day. We’re in and out before you know it!



Let Us Help You

One size does not fit all because every junk removal project is different. Let’s chat about your project and we can build a customized junk removal plan for your needs, budget, and timeline, by using a Junkery Bag, our Full-Service Junk Removal, or a combination of both!

Why Use Junkery?

Maybe you’ve been meaning to tackle that messy basement for a while, or you’re moving and need to toss that ratty furniture. Perhaps you just can’t wait to scrap the hubby’s old sports memorabilia and reclaim the spare room. Whether it’s wrecking your curb appeal, collecting dust or cluttering up your company’s workspace, we can handle it. Go ahead, breathe easy. We’ll do the rest.

We can customize a junk removal solution to meet your budget, timeline and comfort level.

Pricing includes the labor of our fantastic crew.

We sort all materials to be recycled and donated.

A hug from Mother Nature for choosing an eco-friendly junk removal option.

Choosing Junkery means supporting a 100% locally owned and operated business (we are not a franchise).

We don’t resell any items we collect, but we do have many donation partnerships.

The Art of Junk Removal! Imagine that pile of junk just disappearing — POW — just like that.

Can’t wait to get rid of all that junk? We don’t blame you.
Live chat with one of our team members to learn more.

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Choose My Junkery Bag

Already have a Junkery Bag?

Small Junkery Bag

Small Junkery Bag

Product details:
(L)2.8′ x (W)2.8′ x (H)3.5′
1 TONNE or 2,200 LBS


Pickup Details:
Guaranteed 48-hours pickup from the time of booking

Bag + Pickup – $99 $129.99 + HST

Large Junkery Bag

Product details:
(L)8′ x (W)4′ x (H)2.5′
1.5 TONNE or 3,300 LBS


Pickup Details:
Guaranteed 48-hours pickup from the time of booking

Bag + Pickup – $299 $329.99 + HST

Do you have an old motorcycle hanging around? Or know someone who does? Call us and we’ll pick it up for free!

Sometimes you just want to talk with a real human, we get that. Give us a call at 902-455-JUNK.