Is Junkery a franchise?

If we had a nickel for how many times we’ve been asked if Junkery is a franchise.  Let’s look at franchises.  A franchise is often national or international.  There is familiarity in the brand and marketing due to market penetration.  There are franchisors (head office) and franchisees (location).  The franchisee buys the “box” of whatever company that may be.  Inside that box is the big brand/logo, the clothing, the marketing and all the processes of how things are done – everything and all the steps they need to run the business.  Some of you may already be familiar with some of the big national junk removal franchises as there are a few in the Halifax area.  Now to answer your question, is Junkery a franchise?  Well, we think we’ve been asked because we look so darn good that there must be a big company behind us!  (We’re tooting our own horns!)  But the answer is no, we are not.  We are 100% local – head office, dispatch, and employees are in Bayers Lake Industrial Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  We are “outside of the box” thinkers which allows us to offer customization, it allows us to offer flexibility, it allows us unlimited creativity and it allows us to go outside of geographic lines.  It’s also allowed us to create something new – our Junkery Bags.  We are very committed to our place in this industry and we wanted to build a reputable company that looks professional at all times and offers a service/product that speaks for itself and our goal is to become your go-to junk removal company.  Will we ever expand or be a franchise?  Who knows, global domination could be fun!   But what we do know is that right now we are having fun and we are 100% focused on you and making your life easier one Junkery Bag of junk at a time!


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