Junk & Brain Activity

Identifying clutter and junk and making the call to a junk removal company to remove it is easy for many people; however, for many people, it is terrifying. There is a TV show “Hoarders” all about it. There are books written about it. It’s a difficult psychology to understand. Junkery has always been very aware that some people become very emotionally attached to their clutter/junk and the idea of allowing someone to take it away is overwhelming for them. During two trade shows earlier this year, many people came up to us at our booth and said “My _______ is a hoarder.” Fill that blank in with “husband” “wife” “parent(s)” “brother” “neighbour” etc. – we heard that said a lot and we could see the frustration knowing that person has been unable to help that other person in their life.

This is a topic that we are very interested in learning more about in order to assist these individuals when they feel the time is right for them. Our Junkery Bags are a great start because it puts the control of the process in their hands, on their own schedule and purging is by their choice. During our research, we came upon this great article in Live Science magazine by Stephanie Pappas, Live Science Contributor | August 06, 2012 – Inside a Hoarder’s Brain: Why They Can’t Ditch Stuff.

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