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Junkery Bags

Junkery Bags are the perfect alternative to bin and dumpster rentals. It couldn’t be easier: select one of our durable Junkery Bags, place it in a convenient spot, fill it with your junk on your own schedule, let us know when you’re done, and we’ll come to pick it up!

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Already have a Junkery Bag?


Step 1


Choose a small or large Junkery Bag based on your project’s needs. Our prices include everything – the bag itself, the pick-up, and the disposal fee. No additional fees. No hidden costs. No surprises. Get cleanin’!


Step 2


Once you have your bag there’s no hurry – the project is in your hands. Junkery Bags come flat packed and are simple to set up. Place the bag in a spot that is easily accessible for our cool Junkery crane truck and start filling it! Junkery Bags are super durable, so don’t hold back.


Step 3


When your project is finished, and you have filled your bag, give us a call at 902-455-JUNK (5865). Once your collection is booked, our fantastic and speedy Junkery crew will come to you and collect the bag. Just like that, your junk is gone – it’s that easy!

What are Junkery Bags?

Your junk removal dream come true, that’s what Junkery Bags are! Junkery Bags are easy to use, affordable and convenient junk removal option. Whether you’re doing yard work, home renovations, or just downsizing, Junkery Bags are a great alternative to a bin rental allowing you the flexibility to work at your own pace. Fill the bag and let Junkery do all the sorting and heavy lifting for you!


Junkery Bags are made of a tightly woven, heavy-duty polyethylene and are quality tested as a one-time use only capable of holding up to 3,300lbs. The great news is that after they’ve done their job, they get recycled!”


The affordability of flat-fee pricing, no timeline, and guaranteed 48-hour collection from the time of booking are some of the many reasons Junkery Bags can help with your project.

Why use Junkery Bags?

Whether your DIY project is small or large, you have a new convenient junk removal option.

Fill the bag on your own timeline whether it takes you a week, a month, or a year, because we know life happens.

Flat-fee pricing with no hidden fees – the bag, pickup and disposal is all included in one price.

Junkery is a 100% locally owned and operated Halifax business, not a franchise.

Can’t wait to get rid of all that junk? We don’t blame you.
Live chat with one of our team members to learn more.

What can I put in my Junkery Bag?

The list of materials and items we can take is a really, really, REALLY big one – we can pretty much take anything, including the kitchen sink and whatever will fit into your Junkery Bag. For larger items like furniture, we recommend our Full-Service Junk Removal option or our Combination Option where you fill the bag with 3,300 lbs of smaller items and we offer 10% off of Full-Service Junk Removal when we are onsite to remove your bag.

Choose My Junkery Bag

Small Junkery Bag

Small Junkery Bag

Product details:
(L)2.8′ x (W)2.8′ x (H)3.5′
1 TONNE or 2,2000 LBS


Pickup Details:
Guaranteed 48-hours pickup from the time of booking

Bag + Pickup – $99 $129.99 + HST

Large Junkery Bag

Product details:
(L)8′ x (W)4′ x (H)2.5′
1.5 TONNE or 3,300 LBS


Pickup Details:
Guaranteed 48-hours pickup from the time of booking

Bag + Pickup – $299 $329.99 + HST

FUN FACT: Junkery bags are so easy to use, 70% of people who use them whistle while they work.

How Do We Lift 3,300lbs? With Our Junkery Truck!

Here comes the boom! The epi-center of Junkery is our really, really cool boom truck. The boom crane and the Junkery Bags are a match made in junk heaven, allowing us to easily take away your Junkery Bag once it is filled. Look for our truck in your neighbourhood and give us a big wave!

Sometimes you just want to talk with a real human, we get that. Give us a call at 902-455-JUNK.