Nice to Meet You!

Although it may not have felt like Spring outside this past weekend – it certainly did inside the 2015 Ideal Spring Home Show that was held at Exhibition Park.  This show was Junkery’s coming out party as it was the first time that you were able to see our incredible Junkery Bags and boy did you like them!   The response we received was overwhelming positive so thank you, we’re blushing from all the attention.   We had the pleasure of meeting so many of you and answering so many of your questions.   There were two consistent questions throughout the weekend:  1) are we a franchise? and 2) is the disposal included in our fees?

1.  We are NOT a franchise.  We are 100% locally grown and operated.  We had an idea, we wanted to make some change in how we knew junk removal service was being provided and we wanted to offer something new that would make your life easier – Junkery Bags.   Oh, we also wanted to look really good and apparently we’ve achieved that!

2.  Although many people asked and we explained that yes our Junkery Bag prices include the bag (delivered to your door), an open-ended timeframe so you can keep the bag as long as you need because life happens, AND the disposal fee – they really couldn’t believe it.   Believe it!  It’s true!   For more info on our Junkery Bags and pricing, click here!

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