The Art of Junk?

What exactly does “the art of junk” mean?   We get asked that question a lot.  Webster’s Dictionary provides one definition of using the word “art” as a noun: skill acquired by experience, study, or observation, i.e.: <the art of making friends> <the art of doing nothing> <the art of doing everything> for us, the art of junk.   Junk and the process of junk removal can be a dirty and unpleasant task.  But does it really need to be?  We felt it didn’t.  It should be better.  It should be about convenience.  It should be about making your life easier.   We experienced, studied and observed the industry and learned from it.  By truly focusing on your needs and more importantly how we should offer and deliver a process as convenient as possible to you is how Junkery is re-defining junk removal.  By staying true to Webster’s definition – experiencing, studying and observing – is how Junkery is perfecting the art of junk.

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