The Human Side of Junk Removal

We would like to share this story of the “human” side of the junk removal business.

Yesterday, we had the privilege of meeting an extraordinary older couple. This couple are dealing with a number of life changes: downsizing out of a four-level home they’ve lived in for decades and the decisions to let go of items (memories) that come with that. Our crew arrived early in the morning and were greeted with smiles and warmth despite the changes they know they are facing. The couple had already sold a number of items from their home and we were there to do the final clear out with them. They shared with us their memories and stories for certain items; where they got it, how long they have had it, the history behind it. For some of the day, they just sat quietly and watched. And they cried together when we gently removed a beautiful antique organ that clearly had significant meaning to them both. It was an emotional day for them and for us. When the job was completely finished, this beautiful couple gave our crew hugs, thanked us, wished us well, and invited us to their new home for a BBQ once they get moved in which was very sweet and an offer we absolutely are going to take them up on.

Our crew arrived with the truck full back at our office for sorting a little quieter than usual. As they began unloading items, they started to share with us at the office these stories behind the items. They were deeply touched by the experience.

The dictionary defines the word junk as “Something of little meaning, worth, or significance.” We could not disagree more as we know for sure that’s not true.

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