Where does the junk go?

Happy Earth Day today (April 22).  Celebrated every year on April 22, Earth Day is the largest environmental event in the world. More than six million Canadians—including nearly every school-aged child—participate in an Earth Day activity in their communities (check it out – earthday2015.ca).

We love earth!  Junkery cares about the environment and the future of this planet by focusing on our ability to directly affect the environmental impact caused by trash/junk.  We all do our part at home on a daily basis by sorting our waste materials into recyclables, waste, compost, etc.  Here at Junkery, we do that too, to the absolute best of our abilities with the junk we collect.  Think of our cool Junkery Boom truck as a cartoonish funnel with a wide top, we pour junk in, and then it comes out a number of different ways.   So where does the junk go?  Depending on the type of junk we pick up, here’s where it goes…

1. CONSTRUCTION & DEMOLITION JUNK – this type of debris would include wood, shingles, metals, gyproc, old tires to be recycled, etc.  Junkery deals with a national leader in construction and demolition waste diversion company who diverts more than 75 per cent of materials.  75% that would have otherwise gone in the landfill!

2. METALS –  Junkery takes certain types of scrap metals to the largest scrap metal recycling facility in Atlantic Canada who specialize in recycling, trading and processing of all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal.   No tin men in the landfill!

3. FURNITURE/HOUSEHOLD ITEMS – we pick up a lot of old furniture that have either outlived its “style” or is being traded for something newer.  We know some of these items still have some good years in them yet (like the really awesome 1966 Singer sewing machine we have) so we donate these items to local furniture banks to be passed on to their next owners.  You know who isn’t the next owner…the landfill!

4.  ELECTRONICS – remember when the Sony Walkman was the coolest thing ever!  Those were the days. When it stopped being cool and people starting looking at them and other end-of-life electronics as junk we take those to an EPRA (Electronic Products Recycling Association) drop off centre.  Watch this really awesome video to see what these old electronics become.  You know what they don’t become…landfill!

5. RECYCLABLES – thankfully we have a number of Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) in our area that processes and recycles various types of plastics, paper, cardboard, steel, aluminum and glass so Junkery makes some stops at these locations.   Sorry landfill…not for you!

These are just five examples of how we sort the junk we collect.  Just one from each of these five means five items that were meant for the landfill but were diverted!  It’s how Junkery plays its part helping make this planet healthier.


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