Maybe you’ve been meaning to tackle that messy basement for a while, or you’re moving and need to toss that ratty furniture. Perhaps you just can’t wait to scrap the hubby’s old sports memorabilia and reclaim the spare room! Whether it’s wrecking your curb appeal, collecting dust or cluttering up your company’s workspace, we can handle it. Go ahead and breathe easy, we’ll do the rest!

About Junkery

“Not all junk is junk, often it’s a lifetime of memories.” Through their own personal experiences with a home renovation project, after downsizing and moving, combined with ageing parents and the responsibilities of managing their belongings, Junkery’s founders recognized that not all junk is junk, often it’s a lifetime of memories and that not all junk removal projects are the same. In 2015, Founders John Boddie and Ginny Sterling Boddie created Junkery to provide “kinder and gentler” customized junk removal options to suit customers’ timelines, budget and their own unique situation.

Not all junk is junk and not all junk removal companies are the same. Nova Scotia is recognized as a leader in waste diversion.  Halifax Regional Municipality has one of the most technically sophisticated waste management systems in Canada in the Otter Lake Waste Management Facility.  Despite these great stats, many consumers still don’t know where things go or what can be recycled.

Launched in 2015, Junkery is an award-winning, family-run, 100% Halifax, NS-based owned and operated junk removal business offering residential and commercial junk removal with a focus on recycling and donating. Junkery offers customers customized junk removal options such as their Junkery Bags, a convenient and affordable alternative to dumpsters, or their traditional Junk Removal Service or a combination of both. Whether in person with clients, phone/online inquiries, or through social media, Junkery discusses where things go, whether items can be donated and what organizations they would be donated to if items aren’t suitable for donation, Junkery explains how these items will be recycled and/or disposed of.

Enough about us, let’s talk about your junk solution!

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Sustainable Junk Removal


Junkery commits and strives for continued sustainable junk removal practices and processes that creates a better, safer and healthier environment. Junkery specializes in landfill diversion by sorting the materials we collect – more than 85% of items we collect is diverted away from landfills through recycling and donating.

Junkery is the first junk removal services company in Canada to become Bullfrog powered with green fuel. Bullfrog’s green fuel product helps climate-conscious businesses like Junkery begin to address their existing transportation emissions until greener alternatives become available.


Junkery’s Community Support

Junkery is a proud local business and supports various organizations and charities in our community through donations of materials, sponsorships and community engagement. These are a few of the wonderful organizations Junkery is proud to call a friend.

Awards & Recognition

Small Business Connections

As a local, independent business, Junkery is proud to be a member and contributor to the following organizations.

Junkery FAQs

Junkery is a 100% locally owned and operated junk removal company located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Junkery offers two types of junk removal service: Junkery Bags and Full-Service Junk Removal.

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