Reasons for Junk Removal

Your situation is unique and we are here to help you find the right junk removal solution for your specific need, timeline, and budget. Not all junk is the same and there are many different reasons why you might need junk removal. Let us help you choose the best junk solution!

When to get Junk Removed?

Junkery Bags or Full-Service Junk Removal?

DIY Renovation Project

Buying/Selling a House

Estate Sale Junk Removal

Estate Clean Out

moving junk removal


hoarding junk removal

Excess Storage/Hoarding

office junk removal

Office Junk

contractor junk removal

Major Renovations & Contractors

Roofing Shingles

DIY Renovation Projects

You’re finally ready to tackle that renovation project you’ve always dreamed of. As awesome as the finished project will be, the no-longer awesome junk has to go. What should you do with all the leftover junk? Let us help you!


For some projects, a Junkery Bag may be the ideal junk removal solution for you. Our Junkery Bags are capable of holding up to 3,300 pounds, have a flat-fee, and all-inclusive pricing to help you with your renovation budget planning. Simply set the bag up and fill it as your project progresses!


Let’s say you’re ripping apart an old deck/flooring/cabinets (you can fill in the blank), simply pile up the old material and contact us for our Full-Service Junk Removal. Our truck and crew will show up and take a look at what you have and when you’re happy with the quote, we load materials into our truck!

Buying/Selling a House

Congratulations! We understand all the details and sometimes stress surrounding the purchase or the sale of your home. Closing dates, a rush to get out and finding more stuff that needs to go that you didn’t even know you had (it happens), or the previous home-owners have left you some unwanted housewarming gifts.


Simply give us a call, tell us your situation, and we will recommend a junk removal plan based on your closing date or ownership date to ensure a stress-free process.

Estate Clean Out

We are very sorry for your loss. This responsibility can be a difficult and emotional time for families, loved ones and friends. Junkery knows that not all junk is junk, often it’s a lifetime of memories and you deserve a junk removal company that is respectful, patient and understanding throughout this process.


Our professional team will work closely with you at your comfort level ensuring that your loved one’s belongings are handled with care and donated to various local charities.


The best way to move forward is for us to talk so we can learn more about the best way to help you based on the volume and type of material to be removed. We are here for you.


You’re a moving on up! But before you do, you’re probably packing and purging stuff that’s not moving with you. Junkery is your one-call solution as we recycle and donate as much material as possible, saving you time from driving around taking all those items to donation places – we do that for you!


Junkery Bags are a good option if you have the time and need to sort through what you’re keeping and what you’re going to get rid of. But if you already have done that and know exactly what you want removed, then our Full-Service Junk Removal is your best bet.

Excess Storage/Hoarding

Sometimes you just don’t know where to begin and it’s overwhelming. Whether you or a loved one is struggling with a hoarding situation or there is simply too much stuff and don’t know where to start, we can help. Junkery also works closely with you and can recommend a professional organizer to also help you through this project.


In our experience, situations like this require a quick solution and you need to see quick progress, so we would recommend our Full-Service Junk Removal. Once you or your loved one has made the decision to get rid of stuff, our friendly team will show up and see what the volume of materials add up to and once you’re happy with the quote, our team can begin removing items right then and there. We are in and out before you know it.


If you have someone to help you sort through what you’re going to keep and what you’re going to get rid of, then a Junkery Bag may work. Just set the bag up outside and then set a goal for yourself – maybe one room a day, or five drawers of stuff – whatever you’re most comfortable with – then put whatever you aren’t keeping in the Junkery Bag. You fill the bag on your own timeline and we don’t even enter your house.


How much valuable square footage are you paying at your office to store old and unused office junk? It may be scary to do that math so don’t. It’s hard to focus on the task at hand when you’re surrounded by junk. If you want to de-clutter your office quickly, Junkery’s Full-Service Junk Removal is the option for you. We can take any of your old office equipment like filing cabinets, desks, chairs, computer equipment (remember when a computer mouse and keyboards were connected with a cord!), paper, etc.


Junkery ensures that all electronics are disposed of at designated EPRA (Electronic Products Recycling Association) depots. Any confidential documents we remove are shredded onsite at the Junkery warehouse by  and are not taken to the public paper recycling facility.


Junkery donates all usable office furniture and supplies to various charitable organizations throughout HRM.


Whether you’re doing commercial construction or residential, Junkery is a convenient and cost-effective option for your project’s junk removal needs.


Junkery can schedule ongoing, regular pickups at your project site to ensure as your project progresses, so there is no ongoing mess. We can provide tonnage disposal numbers for your project tracking and are happy to work with purchase orders and your accounting department for billing!

Roofing Shingles

One of our most asked questions is about shingles so it gets its own section! Junkery Bags are ideal for your shingles. A large Junkery Bag will hold 8 to 10 squares of shingles. There are 3 bundles in a square which is 33.3 sqft of shingles per bundle. That equals approximately an 800-1,000 sqft roof (that’s approximate and depends on how the bag is loaded).


If you just want to remove the shingles and pile them up, then our Full-Service Junk Removal can remove those – pricing is based on volume.

Find yourself in one of the above situations? Contact Junkery and we will help you find a junk removal solution.

junk removal truck

Help Me Choose!

Depending on your unique junk removal needs, Junkery can offer a Junk Removal solution that will work the best for your situation.  Select the statement below that is the most relevant to your situation and find out which service is the most ideal.

furniture removal
I already know everything I wanted removed.

Full-Service Junk Removal

When you know exactly what you want removed, then schedule an appointment for our Full-Service Junk Removal. We show up, you show us what to remove and we start lifting and loading.

I haven’t decided what I’m keeping and what’s going yet.

Junkery Bags

If you need time to sort through what you’re keeping and what you’re getting rid of, then a Junkery Bag is the ideal solution. As you’re going through your process, put anything you aren’t keeping in the Junkery Bag.

I live in an apartment building.

Full-Service Junk Removal

As our Junkery Bags need to be outside, our Full-Service Junk Removal is the better choice for you.

Some of the items I need removed are big – like furniture.

Junkery Bags

Maybe our Combo Pickup. If you already have a Junkery Bag but also have larger items, we offer a Combo Pickup discount. We offer 10% off of our Full-Service Junk Removal prices to remove any larger items manually when we are onsite to pick up your Junkery Bag.

Full-Service Junk Removal

If you just have larger items like furniture, old appliances, or other junk that is hard to move, let us do the heavy lifting for you!

My reno project is going to take a few weeks.

Junkery Bags

Then a Junkery Bag is a great solution for you! Fill it on your schedule when you have time to work on your project. There is no 5-7 day rental period on a Junkery Bag – you keep it as long as you need it! Keep it for a week, a month, whatever – life happens!

How do I know how much stuff I have?

Full-Service Junk Removal

We are happy to come by and take a look at what you have – absolutely obligation free. That way, we can give you a quote for junk removal right then and there!

I’m under a deadline and need the items removed as soon as possible.

Full-Service Junk Removal

We often can do same-day or 24-hour turnaround once booked for Full-Service Junk Removal.

If your need isn’t shown here, then give us a call and we’ll chat to find the right junk removal solution for you.